Time & Expense Tracker
and Invoice Generator

Billcont helps self-employed individuals/freelancers
and small businesses track time/expenses and bill their clients.

It is free. No credit card required.



We provide you with many functions which help you to use your time efficiently.

Time Tracking

Track your personal time or time of your team.
Billable/Non-Billable Hours.
Track Time within Projects/Tasks/Services using different hourly rates.
Convert entered time to invoices.
Export your and your team’s time entries to Excel or CSV-file.


Track your expenses.
Reimbursable expenses can be included in your invoices to clients.
Enter items and taxes separately.
May use different currencies.
Export expenses to Excel for further accounting outside of Billcont.


Record your deliverables for a specific Client, Project, or Task.
Track the completeness and include deliverables in invoices.


Register fees which apply on each client invoice.
Apply fees on specific project or task transactions.


Generate invoices based on the time entered and approved, expenses marked for reimbursements, and completed deliverables.
Apply taxes based on the configured Tax Groups.
Create invoice lines or the whole invoice manually if necessary.
Use different invoice templates. Apply your organization logo and change colors.
Send invoices to your clients directly from Billcont or let Billcont send them automatically.
Register payments for invoices or let customers pay from Billcont to your PayPal account.
Export invoices to Excel for further accounting outside of Billcont.

Why Billcont?

Billcont intends to help you save time if you have the following issues or business needs.
You are tired of tracking your time in different spreadsheets.
You spend hours creating invoices for your clients manually.
You have multiple projects and tasks and you need to control their budget.
You have a team and you need to track employees time and expenses.
You provide multiple services and need to have a flexible billing instrument.
You do not want to pay for simple time tracking. Time Tracking is already included to the Free Plan.

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Our Pricing Plans

When you register the Free Plan is automatically assigned to you. If you want to upgrade to any higher plan you can do it after registration.
$0.00/30 Days
  • Single User
  • 1 Client
  • Time Entries
  • 1 Invoice Per Month
  • 3 Service Types
$7.00/30 Days
  • Single User
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Time Entries
  • Expenses
  • 5 Invoices Per Month
  • 5 Projects
  • 15 Tasks
  • 10 Service Types
Small Corporation
$10.00/30 Days
  • Single User
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Time Entries
  • Expenses
  • 15 Invoices Per Month
  • 10 New Projects Per Month
  • 20 New Tasks Per Month
  • 20 Service Types
$30.00/30 Days
  • 5 Users
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Time Entries
  • Expenses
  • 30 Invoices Per Month
  • 20 New Projects Per Month
  • 50 New Tasks Per Month
  • 30 Service Types
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